Gadgets: The Good and The Bad

The adversity of science and technology has carved different impacts on the lives of the human beings. Every step in technology is taken so as to minimize the tensions and working capacity of a person. In our daily life, we often come across some technical gadgets that are the marvelous creations of time. A gadget is basically a device that performs in the same manner as some machine does but with an aspect of innovation. Gadgets are also known as gizmos. Here is a review of the technology advancements and their impacts on our daily life, whether good or bad.

Gadgets- a Blessing

Gadgets have a number of positive impacts when it comes to the communication and transfer of data. Nowadays, electronic gadgets can be connected to the internet for streaming or updating/sharing data via internet. The previous concepts of science are now being implemented in a practical manner. If we just look into the transformation of the data storage devices that were big bulky in the past, but now, it’s about the size of a thumbnail because these are now compact, cheap and sophisticated. Here are a few worth mentioning impacts.

  • Gadgets can help to increase the effectiveness of our work. Whether it is a telephone, email or a status update, all involves a gadget at the back end.
  • The gadgets can make far-off things in access of a person. You can video call to your loved ones round the globe via webcam and can talk to them free of cost.
  • Technology has been making the things compact and now it’s focusing to keep a lot of things in a single chip.
  • Technology is shedding the tensions. Previously, one had to remain fixed to the telephone in order to talk to someone far away, but with the introduction of mobile phones, one is free to roam about and talk freely. Even now, the internet can be accessed on your phone when you are moving around somewhere.

Gadgets- the Bad Side

It’s a matter of common sense that Excess of everything is bad. Gadgets spoil someone when he sticks to it all the time. It becomes an addiction when everyone sticks to it for gaming, texting, calling, socializing, etc. and this can affect the work and studies as well. Excessive use lessens the sleep because everyone wants to be connected all the time and ultimately they face health issues. This also affects children in a way that they get addicted to computers, laptops, iPod, iPad etc. and do not get involved in any physical activities. Using iPod all the time can cause headache and hearing problems. According to a report, children from 9 to 12 of age love using electronic gadgets for almost 7 to 10 hours daily, using their phones, iPod, laptops, televisions, computers and much more. They remain reluctant to go to their school and all the time, they think of using their favorite electronic gadgets.

Of course everything has pros and cons but we have to limit ourselves to utilize a things in the best possible manner.