Top 7 Smartphones You Can Buy

Gone are the days where all you needed were minutes to stay hip and up to date with your friends. Now everyone has a smart phone and with it all of the fancy additives. From the internet to super HD cameras, smart phones have become a must own all in one device. With the popularity of technology at an all time high you have many options when looking for the best smartphone. Want to find out what are the best smartphones your money can buy? keep reading!

iPhone 6

Apple has taken to the mobile electronics market like a fish to water. Their iPhone 6 has just hit the streets and it will likely reinvent what users expect out of their devices. You have a gigantic beautiful screen, a seemingly infinitely supported app store, and new updated hardware. The front facing camera is premier quality and the video you can capture is gorgeous. Faster WiFi speeds, better storage capacities, and the new Apple mobile wallet are just a few great new features.